What are the Different Ways of My Kohls Credit Card Payment ? – Pay Your Bill

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To activate your new card, please sign in to the My Kohl’s Card website or register for an account there. (We regret to inform you that you will not be able to activate your card using a mobile device.)

You can also activate your card by bringing in a photo ID along with your Kohl’s card when you make your subsequent purchase, or by calling the customer service number at 800-954-0244.

Customers are able to activate a card as soon as 24 hours after a card has been requested; however, you should wait to attempt activation until you have received your card in the mail before making any attempts. Customers are able to activate a card as soon as 24 hours after a card has been requested.

My Kohl’s Card Payment Options

Once you know how to use an online Mykohlscard account, it will be easy for you to pay your bills with an online account. You should, however, set up your account, and complete kohls credit card payment login process so that it can handle MyKohl’sCard com payments. All you have to do is follow a few steps:

How to Make Payment at MyKohlscard com

My Kohl’s Card Bill Online

  • To begin, please visit www.mykohlscard.com login.
  • Now, you must log in using your credentials.
  • Now, navigate to the Payments tab in the menu.
  • If your checking and routing numbers are not currently associated with your account, you can add them on the Manage a Bank Account page.
  • Then, review your payment information on the screen for making a payment.
  • Select the payment amount and payment date next.
  • Enter your email address now, and you will receive a confirmation email.
  • After entering your information, click the Submit button and confirm your payment information.
  • After clicking the Approve button, a Thank You page will appear.


Register your account for free online payments at My Kohl’s Card. Additionally, you may schedule one payment per day for up to 180 days in the future. After 7:00 p.m. (Central Time), payments will be posted the following day.

To make a payment at My Kohl’s Card for free!

My Kohl’s Card App

  • Launch the Kohl’s app and complete Kohl’s credit card payment login process for bill payment capabilities.

Kohl’s Card Bill over the Phone

Call 1-855-564-5748

  • Simply utilize the Mykohlscard automated phone system to pay your bill over the phone.
  • Phone system available 24 hours a day.
  • You must input your bank’s routing number and account number.
  • While conversing with a representative, payment must be made.

Pay by Mail

Send a check to the following address to pay your bills via mail.

  • Kohl’s, PO Box 60043, City of Industry, CA  91716

MyKohl’s Charge Payment Services Notes

  • If you’ve lost or forgotten your User Name or Password, you can use the “Forgot User Name” or “Forgot Password” option to get an email with the information.
    • During the My Kohl’s Charge Sign In process, most customers will be asked to answer more questions to make sure they are who they say they are.
  • The site also has a option where new customers can apply for the popular Kohl’s charge card.
  • www.kohlsfeedback.com Survey

Most people who apply for a card will hear back from the office in 60 seconds or less. People who spend $600 on their Kohl’s credit card will be considered a Most Valued Customer (MVC) and will get at least 18 discounts a year.

How Do I Dispute a Charge On My Kohl’s Credit Card?

Capital One is our support team for such cases. Therefore, to dispute a charge, you can visit our website or mail. The easiest way is to mail it to Capital One( Kohl support team). 

Below-mentioned is our mailing address:

Capital One Disputes,

P.O. Box 30279,

Salt Lake City,

Utah 84130-0279

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