MyKohlsCard Guide of Users 2023

If you are a new user and want to activate Login Account, this guide will provide complete MyKohlsCard steps for your help so you can visit mykohlscard com and access your account. 

So, without delay, let’s start the post and Manage Your Kohl’s Card…

Access MyKohlsCard.comLogin Account

What is MyKohlsCard or MyKohlsCharge?

Mykohlscard login is a retail credit card issued by Capital One. It is also called the “Kohl’s Charge” card. Users can apply for this MyKohlsCharge credit card at It can be used both online and in-store at Kohl’s. The card has a high variable APR but no annual fee. So, consumers can move the balance from one month to another without paying interest.

This card is different from other retail cards. It provides recurring discounts and sales throughout the year, rather than only a discount at the point of purchase, as most other retail cards do. Each month you may be selected to become a Most Valuable Customer (MVC).

What is MyKohlsCard

Those who buy at Kohl’s regularly can reap the benefits of My Kohls Credit Card Login. Still, they should also be aware of its negative drawbacks, which include a rewards program structure that is difficult to understand and a high-interest rate.


With Mykohlscard, you can save 10% and get free shipping, among other great perks. Customers with kohl charge credit cards can use the MyKohlscard website to manage their accounts online. This site is open 24 hours daily so that customers can check their account information anytime.

How to Access MyKohlsCard.Com Login Portal?

It’s easy to access your login account. Once the registration process has been completed, you can see the Sign In on its homepage. And to complete help we are sharing the login steps below.

Mykohlscard Login

  • Go to the official website – www.mykohlscard com or click here.
  • Now, you are requested to provide your User Name and Password.
  • After that, click the Submit button.
  • And finally, the login process has been completed to manage your account. Login Overview

Official NameMyKohlsCard | My Kohl’s Credit Card | MyKohlsCharge Login
Portal TypeLogin Portal
ServicesRetail Credit Card
Issued ByCapital One

What are the Basic Requirements to Access Mykohlscard Account?

Before going through the registration and login process, you need to justify all the basic requirements, and for your help, we are sharing the following list –

  • My kohls credit card’s official website URL
  • A valid Username and Password.
  • An updated browser to access the official site.
  • Reliable internet connection.
  • A laptop, tablet, or smartphone via a PC, laptop, or smartphone.

So after knowing its login requirements let’s move to the mykohlscard com activation process.

How to Activate My Kohl’s Card Account Online?

Please Register Your MyKohlsCard Account Online by following the steps below to become an account holder and manage your Kohl’s Credit Card online.

Register Your MyKohlsCard Account

  1. Open any updated browser on your device.
  2. Now, go to the MyKohlsCharge Login homepage.
  3. Please click on the option – “Register Now“.
  4. Now, enter your 12-digit credit card number which you will get on your Kohl’s credit card. 
  5. Enter the security phrase from the image on the page. 
  6. Click the green Submit box. 
  7. Finally, Your MyKohlsCard Registration process has been completed.

How to Reset Mykohlscard com Forgot UserName?

Reset Login Forgot UserName

  • Go to Your Kohl’s Card Official Website at www.mykohlscard com.
  • Now, click on Forgot username option.
  • Enter your 12-digit Kohl’s credit card number.
  • Enter the security phrase from the image on the screen.
  • Click the Next to continue button.
  • At last, follow the prompts to retrieve your MyKohlscard username. 

In this way, you can reset your account username.

How to Reset My Kohl’s Credit Card Login Password?

Reset Mykohlscard Login Password

  • Go to Your Kohl’s Credit Card Official Website at
  • On the page, click on the option – Forgot password.
  • Enter your User Name (case sensitive) and not your email address.
  • Enter the last four digits only of your social security number (SSN). 
  • Press Next to continue.
  • Follow the prompts to reset your Kohl’s password. 

How to Apply for My Kohl’s Card as a First Time User?

How to Apply for My Kohls Card as First Time User

  • To apply for a new card, visit the official My Kohl’s Charge Login website at –
  • Now, click on the option Apply Now.
  • You will be redirected to a new page.
  • Please enter all the required details such as –
    • Your First and Last Name
    • Email ID
    • Phone Number
    • Your Home Address – street address and Zip Code.
    • Date of Birth
    • Social Security
    • Annual Income
  • Now, click the review option to check that your provided details are right.
  • Once you have completed it, click on continue to complete the process.
  • Follow the instructions, avail yourself of your card and account, and complete MyKohlscard com activation.

How to Activate My Kohls Gift Card Online?

To activate your new card, you must first sign in to the My Kohl’s Card website or create an account there. (We regret to inform you that you cannot activate your card using a mobile device.)

You can also activate your card by contacting 800-954-0244 or by producing a photo ID with your Kohl’s card at your next purchase. Both of these options are available to you. You can also check the online instructions for managing your Kohl’s Credit Card account.

Kohl’s Credit Card Login Important Benefits and Perks

You can access your Kohl’s card account 24/7 from anywhere and avail of its important advantage. And for now, we are sharing some of the customer benefits below:

Benefits of MyKohlsCard Online Portal

  • You may check your balance as well as your transaction history.
  • Pay your bill online
  • Make a request to have your credit limit raised.
  • Get paperless statements
  • Monitor and access your card activity.

Kohl’s Card Benefits and Perks as MVC

There are several Kohl’s card benefits and perks you may need to know if you are an MVC. For example, if you do not have a Kohl’s card but wish to become an MVC, you can apply by clicking “Become an MVC” on the login page of When you become an MVC, you will enjoy fantastic benefits such as exclusive deals and sale alerts. You can also get $15 Kohl’s Cash when you open a new account or add an authorized user to for the first time.

  • If you satisfy the minimum requirements to become an MVC, they will present you with exclusive coupons and sale alerts only available to MVCs as a reward for your status on
  • The Kohl’s Card features a variable APR and no annual fee, but due to its high-interest rate and complicated rewards program structure may not be suited for all shoppers.
  • Every time you use your account to make a purchase on or in-store, you can earn Kohl Cash to use on your next purchase.

How to Make My Kohls Credit Card Payment?

Once you have become accustomed to using an online account, it will become simple for you to pay bills using an online account. However, you should set up your account to handle payments; all that is required is following some steps.

How to Make Payment at MyKohlscard com

How to Pay My Kohl’s Card Bill Online?

  • To begin, please visit
  •  Now, you must log in using your credentials.
  •  Now, navigate to the Payments tab in the menu.
  •  If your checking and routing numbers are not currently associated with your account, you can add them on the Manage a Bank Account page.
  •  Then, review your payment information on the screen for making a payment.
  •  Select the payment amount and payment date next.
  •  Enter your email address now, and you will receive a confirmation email.
  •  After entering your information, click the Submit button to confirm your payment information.
  •  After clicking the Approve button, a Thank You page will appear.

How do I use My Kohl’s Card to Pay on the App?

  • Launch the Kohl’s app for bill payment capabilities.

Pay Your Kohl’s Card Bill Over the Phone

Call 1-855-564-5748

  • Simply utilize the mykohlscard automated phone system to pay your bill over the phone.
  • Kohl’s Credit Card Phone number is available 24 hours a day.
  • You must input your bank’s routing number and account number.
  • While conversing with a representative, payment must be made.

Pay by Mail

Send a check to the following address in order to pay your bills via mail.

  • Kohl’s, PO Box 60043, City of Industry, CA  91716

How to Use Kohl’s App?

To use Kohl’s wallet app, there are some simple steps that we are sharing below. After following these steps, you can manage your account and make payments online for your shopping.

MyKohlsCard Mobile App

  • Go to the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Now, search and launch the mobile app.
  • After that, install it on your mobile device.
  • Now, click Sign In to get started.
  • Enter your login credentials and complete the login process.

And then, shop on and in-store like never before and save time and money. You may also get Kohl’s Cash, coupons, gift cards, and special coupons all in one place.

About Kohl’s Company

About Kohls

Kohl’s is a chain of department stores in the United States. It is owned and run by Kohl’s Corporation. As of December 2021, it had 1,162 stores in 49 states of the U.S. state except Hawaii, making it the largest department store chain in the country along with the powerful e-commerce platform of

In 1962, Brookfield, Wisconsin, served as the location of the opening of the first Kohl’s Department Store. 76 Kohl’s stores were operating across the Midwest at the time of the company’s initial public offering in 1992.

Since its establishment in 2001, has provided Kohl’s with an online presence that has expanded and developed over these many years. Throughout 2003, the company opened 28 stores in California, giving Kohl’s a coast-to-coast presence for the first time.

My Kohl’s Credit Card eCustomer Service

Suppose you are facing any technical errors or issues while managing your account. Then don’t worry; you can use our customer care service and get a quick solution to your queries. So, we have shared Kohl’s Credit Card Customer Service support details below that you can avail of for your account.

Kohl’s Credit Card Customer Service

  • Order questions – 1-855-564-5705
  • Payment questions – 1-855-564-5748
  • For Corporate Gift Cards only – 800-653-1774
  • Monday – Saturday 7 am to 9 pm CST
  • Sunday 8 am to 9 pm CST
  • Website: Contact Us (

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I Update My Payment Method for Kohls?

  • Sign in to your account at Kohl’s.
  • Click “Settings” under your name at the top of the page and choose “My Info” from the drop-down menu.
  • On the left side, click “Billing & Payment Information.”
  • Select “Edit”
  • After entering all the correct information, click “Save.”

How much of a credit score do you need to get a Kohl’s credit card?

For the Kohl’s Credit Card to be approved, your credit score must be at least 640.

Can I cancel or change a payment already scheduled with Kohl’s?

You have the ability to cancel a payment that has been scheduled on your My Kohl’s Card at any time prior to the day that the payment is scheduled to be posted. To cancel your payment, navigate to Payments and View Scheduled Payments in the menu bar.

How can I get MyKolhscard Rewards?

If you enroll in the Yes2You® Rewards program, regardless of whether or not you use your Kohl’s Charge card to make qualifying purchases in-store or online, you will receive one point for every dollar you spend on transactions that are deemed to have met the program’s criteria. You will receive $5 in Kohl’s Cash® on the first of every month for every 100 points you earned through participation in the program.

Remember that after your points are converted to Kohl’s Cash®, you’ll have 30 days to use the money before it expires.

How do I use Kohl’s Pay Online without a credit card?

It’s really easy! Your companion can use their smartphone to scan the QR code you provide.

How do I Access MyKohlsCard Account?

First, users need to complete the registration process and then the login process. After completing both procedures, they will be able to access their login Account.

How to Activate My Kohls Card Online?

To activate your Kohl’s Credit Card, you need to call kohl’s customer support which is attached to your brand new my kohls charge card, or go to the issuer’s activation website login, which will also be noted on the sticker. You can also use the card issuer’s mobile app to activate a Kohl’s Credit Card.

Is Kohl’s website legit? uses SSL to encrypt the information you enter (such as your name, address, and credit card number) before communicating over the Internet. So, is safe and secure.

How to Check the MyKolhscard Balance Online?

  1. Log in to the official website.
  2. Click “Kohl’s Cash” under “Account” at the top of the page.
  3. Click on the “Kohl’s Cash” page in your shopping account profile.
  4. Select “CHECK BALANCE”


So, this was all about the login online. And we have provided all the required details in this post. Now, by logging onto the company website, you can quickly and easily verify the accuracy of pay stubs and gain access to other information.

When you pay for any purchase with your Kohl’s Card, any applicable discounts will be deducted from the total amount you owe. Have you been putting aside money to purchase a Kohl’s card? Remember that the payment is due in advance.

After determining which discounts are compatible with your newly acquired Kohl’s Cash, you can then add those discounts to your Wallet. Utilizing the MyKohlsCard web service, you can connect and activate your Kohl’s MasterCard in the online environment.

However, the online activity associated with your card can be tracked and monitored through the same portal. Additionally, Kohl’s may only accept payments made with a retailer MasterCard for in-store or online purchases. As a cardholder, you will receive discounts on every present throughout the year.

I hope you will like this post and share it with your family, friends, and loved ones to avail them of the benefits of the Mykohlscard website.

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