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Kohl’s Rewards is our loyalty program, and customers with a login account can access special offers, including MKohlsCash. It’s possible to rack up significant savings at Kohl’s by combining multiple coupons with the store’s sales. For instance, if a retailer offers a discount of thirty per cent and Kohl’s Cash, a customer may choose to use both types of savings on the same purchase.

Mykohlscard Rewards

When you spend $30 at Kohl’s, you are eligible for a cash rebate of $10 in the store. They are compatible with all of Kohl’s other loyalty and discount programs that are currently being offered.

All other cardholders, including those with MyKohlscards, are eligible for the same discounts and perks as MyKohlsCard owners. Cardholders, on the other hand, will receive additional offers for retail discounts ranging from 10% to 30% throughout the year.

To attract new customers, Kohl’s provides a coupon good for 35% off any purchase, which can be used with ongoing sales. 1 If you spend more than $600 in a single calendar year, you will be eligible for six additional opportunities to save money, such as free delivery and a birthday gift.

Customers with a Kohl’s Card have access to various additional benefits, including the opportunity to pay with a mobile device, make returns without a fuss, and even pay their bills digitally.

Kohl’s Rewards® + Kohl’s Card = a win-win!

Kohl’s Card Pros and Cons


  • As a new cardholder, you will receive a discount of 35% on your first purchase.
  • Get at least 12 different kinds of discounts every year.
  • You will be considered a Most Valued Customer if you spend at least $600, and you will receive 18 discounts each year.
  • You can enhance your benefits by participating in Kohl’s Cash rewards program and the Yes2You rewards program.
  • There is no annual charge.

Best For Frequent Kohl’s shoppers


  • Very high purchase APR
  • No extra rewards directly earned

Steps to Check My Kohl’s Rewards Balance

Check My Kohls Rewards Balance

or Desktop/Tablet Users:

  • Sign in to your shopping account at
  • Simply select “Account” from the menu.
  • Your account balance can be found in the “Kohl’s Rewards” section of the website.

Kohl’s App/Mobile:

  • Sign in to your shopping account at
  • Click the Image button.
  • Your account balance can be found in the “Kohl’s Rewards” section.

Note: Your Kohl’s Rewards balance is converted to Kohl’s Cash and issued in $5 increments on the first of each month, valid for 30 days.

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