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If you regularly shop at Kohl’s, you may be familiar with their rewards program, MyKohlsCard Rewards. This program offers cardholders a variety of benefits, including exclusive discounts, free delivery, and the ability to earn reward points that may be spent on future purchases.

In this post, we’ll look at the Pros & Cons of, what it offers, and how you can use it to save the most money.

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MyKohl’sCard Review Summary: Pros & Cons

Let’s go over the mykohlscard advantages and disadvantages! 


  1. When you obtain the Kohl’s card, you will earn a hefty 35% discount on your first purchase.
  2. As a Kohl’s cardholder, you’ll receive at least 12 distinct discount offers per year.
  3. If you spend more than $600 on the Kohl’s card, you will be recognized as a Most Valuable Customer and receive 18 annual discounts.
  4. Install the app on your mobile device and log in to your Kohl’s account. You can enhance your earnings by enrolling in the Kohl’s Cash rewards program and the Yes2You rewards program.
  5. Applying for a Kohl’s card is simple and can be completed online or in-store. When you apply for the card, you might get an instant discount on your purchase.
  6. Using a Kohl’s card may be more handy than carrying cash or using another credit card. You can conveniently track your purchases, earn loyalty points, and pay your bills online.
  7. There are no annual charges associated with the Kohl’s card.


  1. The interest rate on Kohl’s card is relatively high when compared to other credit cards. If you have debt on your credit card, you may end up paying more in interest than you save in discounts and points.
  2. If you skip a payment or make a late payment using your Kohl’s card, you may be charged late fees and penalties. These costs may soon add up and negate the card’s benefits.
  3. The Kohl’s card can only be used in Kohl’s stores and on their website. If you prefer to shop in other stores or online, you may require a separate credit card.
  4. Because the Kohl’s card provides discounts and points, it may be tempting to overspend in order to earn more rewards or take advantage of discounts. If not handled properly, this might lead to debt and financial troubles.

Overall, the Kohl’s card is a useful tool for saving money and earning points at Kohl’s stores. However, it is vital to be aware of the card’s potential drawbacks, such as high interest rates and late fees, and to use it wisely. If you buy at Kohl’s frequently and can pay off your debt in full each month, the Kohl’s card can be a wonderful way to save money while still earning benefits.