Mykohlscard Rewards For Customers

MyKohlsCard Rewards is a program designed specifically for Kohl’s credit cards. The program has three tiers based on how much money you spend at Kohl’s each year: silver, gold, and platinum.

  • To advance to the Silver level, you must spend at least $0-$599 at Kohl’s in a calendar year.
  • To reach the Gold level, you must spend $600-$1,199,
  • To reach the Platinum level, you must spend $1,200 or more.

Once you reach a certain spending threshold, you’ll be automatically upgraded to the next level and receive additional benefits. For example, at the Silver level, you’ll receive a birthday gift and the ability to earn 7.5% Kohl’s Cash on every purchase.

Mykohlscard Rewards

At the Gold level, you’ll receive all the benefits of the Silver level, plus free shipping events and the ability to earn 6% Kohl’s Cash on every purchase. Finally, at the Platinum level, you’ll receive all the benefits of the Silver and Gold levels, plus free daily shipping and the ability to earn 7% Kohl’s Cash on every purchase.

If you want to earn MyKohlsCard Rewards points, you have to buy things at Kohl’s with your credit card. For every $1 you spend, you’ll get one point. After getting 100 points, you’ll get $5 in prizes that you can use on something else. Also Apply Now for 35% off.

How to Check My Kohl’s Rewards Balance?

If you have a Kohl’s card and are in the My Kohl’s points program, you may be wondering how to see how much money you have in points. Here are the steps you need to take:

  • To get Kohl’s Rewards, go to and click on the “Kohl’s Rewards” tab at the top.
  • Log in to your Kohl’s account. You need to make an account first if you haven’t already.
  • The Kohl’s Rewards website should show you your reward amount after you sign in.
  • This will show you how many reward points you have won and how much they are worth in cash.
  • The Kohl’s app also lets you see how much money you have in points. After logging in to your Kohl’s account, get the app on your phone. On the app’s home screen, your rewards amount should be shown.
  • You can also call Kohl’s customer service at 1-855-564-5705 to find out how much money you have in points. When asked, give your Kohl’s card number and some other information that can be used to identify you, and the customer service person should be able to tell you how much money you have in rewards.

Maximizing MyKohlsCard Rewards

The first thing you need to do every time you shop at Kohl’s is use your credit card. This will make sure that you get reward points for every buy, which can add up fast.

Also, keep track of how much you spend and how far you get to the next level. Like getting more Kohl’s Cash and free shipping, when you hit a new level, you’ll automatically get extra benefits.

Taking advantage of sales events is another way to get the most out of your MyKohlsCard Rewards. During certain times of the year, Kohl’s often has special deals, like 30% off for customers. To save money, keep an eye out for these deals and plan your shopping trips well.

You can get the most out of your savings by using your Kohl’s credit card, going to sales, and get the Kohl’s app. The app lets you keep track of your credit points and get access to great deals, among other things. Additionally, the app lets you shop online, which may be more handy than going to a store.

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Eligibility Criteria For Kohl’s Credit Card

Finally, make sure you know how to use your credit points correctly. Think carefully about what you buy when you have enough points to do so. Find things that are on sale or closeout to get the best deals. Add extra savings, like coupons or promo codes, to your points to save even more.

You can check your Kohl’s rewards balance to see how many points you’ve earned. This information could help you plan your purchases and optimize your benefits. Learn more about credit cards by visiting this page: login.

MyKohl’sCard Redeeming Rewards

Customers may redeem their Kohl’s Cash in-store or online within a certain redemption window. The redemption period normally lasts one week. Kohl’s Cash may be used to buy any item in-store or online, even those on discount or clearance.

It’s worth noting that Kohl’s Cash cannot be used to buy Kohl’s Cares products, gift cards, or pay down a Kohl’s Charge account balance. Kohl’s Cash cannot be used with other percentage-off or dollar-off coupons.