Activate Kohl’s Gift Card Online

Kohls’ MyKohlsCard is a rewards card that enables consumers to receive cash back on their purchases. Customers can use this card to purchase any Kohl’s goods and pay their bills both online and in-store. The card includes several coupons, discounts, and promotions, making it a fantastic choice for frequent Kohl’s customers.

Kohls credit cards also receive a 30% discount on their first transaction once approved. They can become Most Valued Customers (MVCs) and receive additional privileges like birthday gifts and free shipping events.

How to Activate Kohl’s Gift Card Online?

Sign in or create an account on the MyKohlsCard website to activate your new card. However, it can only be accessed via a laptop or PC, not a mobile device.

You can contact us at 800-954-0244 or show your required photo ID document for verification along with your Kohl’s card the next time you make a transaction. More information can be found online, including instructions for activating and managing the card.

How do My Kohl’s Gift Card mykohlscard account online Online?

To activate your new card, please visit the My Kohl’s Card website and sign in or establish an account. To activate your card, you can call 800-954-0244 or present a photo ID with your Kohl’s card during your next purchase. 

Please note that mobile device activation is not possible. Both of these solutions are available to you. You can also go to the online instructions for managing your Kohl’s Credit Card account.

MyKohlsCard Benefits as MVC

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Eligibility Criteria For Kohl’s Credit Card

How To Check Kohl’s Credit Card Application Status? 

If you recently applied for a Kohl’s credit card, you must be curious about the status of your application. To start, applicants should visit Kohl’s credit card website and log in to using their account information.

After login in, you should see the application status on the main page. If the application status is not apparent, applicants must call Kohl’s customer care at (855) 564-5748 or (800) 564-5740.

Unfortunately, Kohl’s does not provide an online facility for checking the status of applications. Applicants should also check their email because Kohl’s responds by letter to rejected applications. Kohl’s usually responds within 7-8 days. However, it might sometimes take up to 30 days. Kohl’s will email the credit card within ten days after the application is approved.